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The Enterprise Podcast

As a successful property investor who has learned many business lessons the hard way, Ash Karamucki set out to learn more from other motivated and inspirational entrepreneurs and share their experiences with the wider business community, seeking to grow both personally and professionally.

“I’ve been lucky enough to meet some highly motivated and successful people that have inspired me to do more and be more. As I continue to learn so much from others who are building scalable business in their niche, this podcast is my invitation to you, to join me in the highs and the lows, on the road to success.” 

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Ash Karamucki

Ash Karamucki is a passionate property investor with over a decade of experience. His first venture into property investment was way back in 2006 at the age of 18. Packing his bag and gathering every last penny he had saved, he ventured alone into Eastern Europe, rolling the dice on a volatile Bulgarian property market.

“Bulgaria caught my attention after realising it would be some time before I had the finance to take on a development at home in the UK. Having seen property prices in Poland rise significantly since they joined the EU in 2004, I, as did many other investors, saw Bulgaria’s imminent entry into the EU as an opportunity”

Ash acquired several properties prior to Bulgaria joining the EU in January 2007. Shortly after, markets collapsed and failing to secure the finance to develop, he was financially wiped out.

Undeterred, Ash started over back in the UK, building a portfolio which later led to financial freedom. Still active in the property development space, Ash offers the opportunity for others to get involved in his projects, while earning bank-beating returns. In 2019, he founded ‘The Enterprise Meet’ and ‘The Enterprise Podcast’ with the sole aim of providing a network for SMEs to grow and collaborate.